Here's the facts!

Shipping + Stuff

My current processing time is 7-10 days (because well, life).  Once your item has a shipping label + tracking number, that means it's now in the hands of USPS.  At that point, I have zero control over what happens.  The tracking info that you see is the same thing that I see, so contact USPS for any updates!

If your order contains any pre-order items, you can expect your order to ship within the pre-order shipping window. I will ship all of your items together, but please know that it will take longer as I have to wait for your pre-ordered items to get in my hands, then pack it all up + make it cutesy for you, and THEN get it in the hands of USPS. I prefer to ship this way to save packaging and save you money on shipping! With that being said, please read carefully as you purchase items from me, and that will be your guide as to when they'll ship. But if any of that confused you, I'm here! Shoot me an email or message me on Etsy.


What's a preorder?

If the item you purchased is listed as a "preorder" item, that means that I don't have it for you... yet.  Preorders are a great way for me to make sure that everyone gets their hands on what they want.  I will open up a window to collect everyone's wishes and THEN I order it from my manufacturer.  This process takes a little longer for you to get your products, but it allows me to make everyone happy, provide you with a stress-free shopping experience, and make sure I'm not being wasteful.  Pay close attention to the dates listed in the product description of pre-order items!  They typically take 2-4 weeks to process + get out to you.


Where's my order?

Once I fill your order, you'll be notified with a tracking number that is no longer updated by me, it's updated by USPS.  At that point, I am not liable or responsible for any lost items at the hands of USPS.  While I'd love to replace orders that are lost, it's truly at the fault of USPS at that point.  By filing a claim on their website using your tracking number, you should receive a full refund for the cost of your purchase.  I know that totally sucks, but that's the joy of this online shop biz, so know that I truly appreciate your understanding.


Returns + Exchanges

Since all of my shop items are pre-made, no returns or exchanges will be accepted. However! If there is an issue with your order like a missing item, that's totally on me and I obviously wanna make it right! Email me because I am more than willing to hear you out and do my best to make sure your order is everything you hoped for.