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current processing time is 5-7 business days
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Branding by Brooke
Branding by Brooke
Branding by Brooke
Branding by Brooke
Branding by Brooke
Branding by Brooke
Branding by Brooke
Branding by Brooke

Branding by Brooke

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**Please view my Branding Services Guide before purchasing!**

I am so excited to offer branding services to y'all!  I love that this will allow me to connect with more of you and channel my creativity into designing a logo and brand kit that you absolutely love!

This is ideal for someone who is looking to really bring their brand to the next level.  If you're running a business, a blog, or create content regularly?  This kit will allow you to solidify your brand and give you all the info you need to apply that branding to future projects including the color codes, custom images, and font information.

The date you select will be the week that your project will be secured to kick off.  You'll receive info from me and we'll jump into the design process together.

NOTE: Your project WILL NOT be completed in that one week. Your package will require at least 6-8 weeks to fully complete.

This base package includes the following:

  • a long primary logo
  • a short secondary logo
  • a round submark
  • a square submark
  • a semi circle submark
  • watermarks - black & white versions of all designs and their variations
  • brand marks - illustrations and imagery that compliment or are incorporated in your design
  • a typography pairing
  • a color palette with hex codes


We can discuss adding additional items to your package after your initial purchase is made.  Any extra items will be billed separately via PayPal.


The cost of this package reflects the time and energy that I spend pouring into making sure you have a custom, one-of-a-kind design that reflects your brand to its fullest.  I'm a perfectionist that's super indecisive, so while the description seems singular?  You can expect to have dozens of variations of each style of logo!  You're going to end up with SO much awesome content to elevate your brand!


Want to see more my work? Click here to see my growing portfolio!


Important Info!

  • the number of branding packages available will be limited based on my capacity of work; windows for purchase will open over time (watch my Instagram story for the most up-to-date info about bookings reopening!)
  • the speed of content delivery and the design process is contingent on the customer's timely submission of design forms and feedback
  • all communication and delivery will be digital and done via email and through a Google Slide deck
  • the email used at checkout will be the email that I use as a primary contact to initiate the design process; please be sure that it is an email that you check!



My designs are created uniquely for your business/brand.  However, as I do not create the name of your business or control the trade area in which your business operates, I cannot guarantee that others will not claim the combination of business name, logo/design and type of business are in violation of another party's trademark, service mark or similar right.  By requesting that we proceed, you agree to hold me harmless and indemnify me from and against claims, damages, or causes of action in any way related to the logo/design, including any attorneys' fees incurred related to such claims.